Use Cases

6G Trans-Continental 
Edge Learning

Use Cases

DMMAI for 6G spectrum management

Conduct pilot experiments and measurement campaigns in the area of 5G dynamic spectrum access. The majority of collected data will be related to spectrum occupancy, which will be based on averaged and normalized data with all direct identifiers removed (including temporal identifiers for testbed monitoring data). The architecture will enable both distributed peer-to-peer and hierarchical cloud-based AI/ML models for coordination.

AI enhanced resource management

Application of the 6G-XCEL AI framework in an energy efficiency scenario. Demonstrate the mobility across two providers, e.g., Private and Public network, as well as the interoperability and collaboration of Control Plane entities. At management/orchestrator level, a top-level AIC aggregation point may exist that collects data across different providers (e.g., Private and Public) that communicate over the AIC north-south protocol. Examine scenarios of mobility of UEs among different providers in order to optimize the aggregate power efficiency across all infrastructure.